Snorkel para Niva
enviado por um Niveiro Australiano

Method of fixing snorkels.

The following set of instructions is to assist in fitting a snorkel to your car.
First of all, before you make the snorkel you must ensure that the air filter housing is waterproof. The best way to do this is to take it off then clean all the mating surfaces. When they are clean and tidy put the housing back together using rubber silicone sealant on all joints including the lid and any breather pipes that may join the housing.
So, you have a list of parts, you also have a list of pipe lengths.
The pipe lengths are in order of fitting so I’ll go through it from the filter upwards.
Plastic coupling in filter, fernco coupling, plastic coupling, first pipe, plastic 45 degree bend, second pipe, plastic 45 degree bend, third pipe, plastic coupling, Fernco coupling, plastic coupling, 90 degree M+F elbow, clip, 90 M+F elbow, fourth pipe, 90 degree elbow, clip, fifth pipe, 45 degree bend, sixth pipe, 45 degree bend, seventh pipe, 45 degree elbow, eighth pipe, clip, 50mm A.A.V.

If you put it together in this order you should see it take shape and be able to work out the angles yourself. The top clip is cut in half and glued to the pipe because you only have enough room for one fixing on the pillar.
When making the top cover, if you don’t use an AAV then whatever you use you must make sure that it is rain proof.
Any water that builds up in your snorkel over night will be sucked into your engine as soon as you start it and BANG will be the next sound you here. When your satisfied with the fit you must then disassemble it and start again, only this time you will be gluing all the joints together (apart from the ferncos).

Parts list for Niva snorkel
1x 50mm air admit valve
3x 50mm pipe clips
2x 50mm Fernco coups (or similar)
5x 50mm 135 degree bends
1x 50mm 90 degree bends
2x 50mm M+F 90 degree bends
4x 50mm couplings
300mm of black rubber tube (needs cutting to correct length)
Small tin of solvent cement

Pipe lengths from the filter upwards
1x 50mm
2x 50mm
3x 50mm
4x 170mm
5x 50mm
6x 50mm
7x 320mm
8x 50mm